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°5 sheets of filo (within the new department)

°150g fluid honey

°120g Slivered almonds


°60g ground almonds

°50g Sugar

°50g Unsalted butter

°2 tbsp. tsp orange water

°1 tbsp. tablespoons gingerbread spices


°1 tbsp. poppy seeds


Preheat stove 180°C.

In pan, dissolving 5 g of butter.Pour it into a serving of mixed greens bowl with the slivered almonds, sugar, ground almonds, gingerbread flavors, 1 tsp. of nectar and 1 tbsp. orange bloom water.

Melting rest of butter independently. Unfurl the sheets of filo at that point cut each in 2.Line foot of rectangular dish with rectangle of filo, brushing with softened butter utilizing baked good

brush. Cover the rectangle with 6 other progressively buttered rectangles.


Garnish the dish with the almond stuffing, smooth and cover once more with 6 buttered filo baked good rectangles between each layer. Prick the beat of the dish with a fork. Coat the surface with a


Bake the baklava for 25 minutes.

In a pan, dissolve the remaining nectar with 1 tbsp. orange bloom water. Right out of the broiler, sprinkle the baklava with hot nectar and sprinkle with poppy seeds.Take off to cool at that point

cut into jewel shapes and serve at room temperature.


Enjoy !

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