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dessert log


dessert log

• Preparation time

40-45 min

• Cooking time

15-20 min

• Preparation


1 hour

The “dessert block” flavor does not contain sugar and has a magical taste. This dessert is a good

source of fiber, protein, natural sugars and essential fats.

dessert log



130 g mixed dried fruit (cranberries, apricots, plums and raisins)


20 g ready-made gelatin

50 g walnuts

50 g beans

50 g pumpkin seeds

350 g cheese


80 g yoghurt

Instructions for use


Step 1 98 7 Weeks First, soak the dried fruit in water for 15 to 20 minutes. Divide two sheets of paper

on it. Drain the water and place the seeds on paper towels. Cover the seeds with a cloth and let them

dry. Once dry, cut the seeds into small pieces so you can add them easily and evenly later.


Step 2

Then dissolve the gelatin in 100 g of water. Put aside. Meanwhile, roast the hazelnuts in a pan. Stir and

stir occasionally to prevent burning. Set the hazelnuts aside. Mix cheese and yoghurt in a large bowl.

Mix well with a hand blender. Melt the gelatin you set aside a while ago.

Step 3

Take about two spoonfuls of the cheese mixture and pour it into the pure gelatin. Now pour the

mixture into your bowl filled with cheese and yoghurt. Puree the cheese further with a hand blender.

Gelatin helps hold everything together.

Step 4


Add the seeds, seeds and seeds to the bowl. Mix everything using a level. Once all the ingredients are

mixed well, gently take the mixture and spread it on the saran sheet.

Step 5

Make sure you blend into the dark line. Wrap the saran wrap the same way you would wrap sushi. It

should now look like a channel. Twist the ends of the saran wrap tightly to ensure the mixture holds

its shape. Put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. When ready, open and cut the medicine.

Step 6


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