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Fricasseed BOLOGNA


Fricasseed BOLOGNA


Ingredients :

Cheese Slices

May mustard




Fried bologna

Preparation :

-Spray a skillet or warm a little sum of oil over a medium-high warm. Whereas the dish is warming up, get ready the Paulownia. On the off chance that you bought bologna from shop, you don’t

got to evacuate the ruddy tip, but if you utilize Bar S or Oscar Meyer, you’ll got to evacuate and get freed of the ruddy edge. Spread mayonnaise or mustard (or the sauce of your choice) over the

biscuits, and chop up any vegetables you might need to include. Bologna cooks exceptionally rapidly, so it is best to plan it some time recently putting it in the



-Once you’ve expelled the ruddy edge, hurl the bolognese into the skillet. Sizzling like several other wiener. You may before long take note that the center is starting to develop. Once you take

note that the bubble cuts two X openings within the center. This will avoid the meat from bending whereas singing.(A few individuals like to cut paulownia some time recently the skillet. A few

indeed cut scores along the external edge.)

-Fry bologna for three minutes on each side over medium warm. The culminate piece of fricasseed bologna delicately charred, giving it a caramel taste.

-When bologna is status, evacuating it from container & putting it on a paper towel to realize oil.You’ll be able indeed pat a bolognese stir-fry. At that point put bologna on your bread, put cheese


on it, and include tomatoes and onions on the off chance that wanted. Get your favorite potato chips and plunge your teeth into an East Texas sandwich.

Enjoy !

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