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Great-Ever Pepper Steak


Great-Ever Pepper Steak


* Ingredients

° 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided

° 1 ruddy pepper cutting to 1-inch 3d shapes or tranches

° 1 green chime pepper, cutting to 1-inch 3d shapes or slices

° 8 oz 8 ounce sirloin, cut to strips against the grain


° 3 garlic-cloves, mince

° ½ C pressed brown sugar

° ½ C low-sodium soy sauce

° 2 tsp sesame oil

° 1 tsp ground ginger


° 1 tsp cornstarch

* Bearings .

In skillet or wok skillet on medium warm, including 1 tsp olive oil. Including chime pepper moreover cooking almost 1-2 minutes to delicate. Evacuating from warm moreover set separated on a


Raise warm to tall, including sirloin, too cook on each side to brown meat, diminish warm to too keep to cook until not pink and brown on each side.

In little bowl, whisking garlic, brown sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, too cornstarch.


Adding pepper to dish and including sauce. Let it stew almost 1-2 min To sauce starts to thick. Serve on rice.


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