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Hamburger Liver and Onions


Hamburger Liver and Onions


You’ll Need:

¼ glass of flour

1 lb meat liver

¼-½ container of butter

½ tsp of salt


⅛ tsp of pepper

Oil to taste

1-2 tbsp of new minced sage

2 mugs of daintily cut onions

½ glass of hamburger stock


1 tbsp of minced Italian parsley

¼ container of dry white wine


First, you need to require a pack, and put the flour, the pepper, and the salt together in there.

Cut the liver into pieces that are around a half an inch, and after, that put them into the sack, shaking this until they’re coated. This will offer assistance with quieting the taste of this.


Get a skillet, and from there warm around 3 tablespoons of the butter, beside a small bit of oil, and from there, you need to sauté your onions on a medium-high sort of level, so that they’re decent

and delicate. You ought to see a little luster of gleaming on this.

Once you see that, you just need to require the onions, putting them interior a dish, and from there, sprinkle the onion as well with some pepper and salt.

Heat up around 4 tablespoons of the butter, at the side a little sprint of oil to the skillet as well.

Add within the liver and after that cook this for almost 5 or so minutes, until this dish begins to brown.


Once this can be wrapped up cooking, put the onions specifically onto the skillet, warming these up beside the liver as well.

Take the liver and onions and put this onto a plate.Utilize a stock and the wine to deglaze this, and from there, you need to create beyond any doubt the fluid is diminished in this until it makes a

decent, thick sauce that will truly provide you something to appreciate with this.

Take the liver, put it on a serving dish, and after, that moreover include the onion to this. Include the sauce you fair made, and after that include a bit of parsley in arrange to decorate, and after

that you’ll serve it!

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