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Ice cream peach dessert


Ice cream peach dessert



°2 1/2 c Splitting Pieces Graham

°Melt 1 Butter Stick

°1/4 c Sugar Sweetheart

°8 oz delicate cream cheese


°1 1/2 c sugar powder

°1/2 t vanilla extract

°2 c cream overwhelming whisk refrigerated

°5-6 peach, peeled and meagerly sliced


In a medium bowl, blend 2 glasses of Graham wafer scraps, granulated sugar and dissolved butter.


Firmly press a outside into the foot of a 9 × 13 plate of glass or porcelain, permit it to cool within the cooler for 10-15 minutes until firm.

In a huge bowl, whisk together the sugar powder and cream cheese until light and smooth. Mix the vanilla.

Pour within the cold overwhelming cream and combine over moo warm until the blend starts to collect.Increment the speed to medium tall and blend until the blend is thick and thin.

Spread around 1 1/2 glass of cream filling in a lean layer to Graham’s refrigerated breaking hull. Put the peach cuts over the best of the cream.

Place the remaining cream filling over the beat of the peaches and carefully spread to totally cover the peaches. Refrigerate for at slightest 2 hours, ideally overnight.


Sprinkle Graham’s protected pieces (you’ll not utilize them all) some time recently serving. Cut into pieces, put on a plate and serve.

Enjoy !

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