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Kentucky Bourbon Balls Recipe


Kentucky Bourbon Balls Recipe

My Kentucky companion makes these balls each Christmas and they are hands down the best!

Dive into the wealthy, charming world of Kentucky Bourbon Balls, a classic southern confection that guarantees a delightful elude with each chomp. Created from a lavish blend of Kentucky

bourbon, delicious chocolate, and smashed treats, these bite-sized treats offer a idealize ensemble of sweet and warm notes. Born within the bourbon heartland of Kentucky, where the soul of

bourbon making runs profound, these Bourbon Balls have ended up a celebrated staple at occasion feasts, happy parties, and special

occasions. Reveling in these confections, you’ll discover yourself captivated by their dazzling flavor adjust, longing for fair one more taste.


Serving Proposals for a Rich Affair:

Present these Kentucky Bourbon Balls as a advanced finale to your supper parties or as a cherished sweet at merry gatherings.

Complement their wealthy, boozy substance with the cool creaminess of vanilla ice cream or new whipped cream, making a brilliant contrast.

Elevate their luxuriousness by blending them with a glass of fine bourbon or a coffee alcohol, developing the flavors for a really liberal experience.

Kentucky Bourbon Balls Recipe



2.5 glasses finely smashed vanilla wafers

1.5 mugs finely chopped pecans

1/3 glass additionally 2 tablespoons Kentucky bourbon

1 container powdered sugar

2 tablespoons light corn syrup


1/2 container powdered sugar for dusting


In a blending bowl, mix the bourbon with 1 glass powdered sugar, at that point mix within the corn syrup.

Add within the vanilla wafer pieces and pecans, blending until equitably combined.

Let the blend chill, secured, for 25 minutes.

Shape into little, alluring balls and roll them within the additional powdered sugar.


Store these treasures in an sealed shut holder to preserve their freshness.

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