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Kentucky Butter Cake


Kentucky Butter Cake

I don’t know why this tasty buttercream cake is named after the state of Kentucky, but the formula has been around since at slightest 1963, when Neil Lewis of Platte City, Missouri entered it

and won a Pillsbury Bake-Off challenge. It’s an old-fashioned vanilla buttermilk cake plunged in scrumptious butter and sugar syrup. The syrup not as it were includes remarkable dampness to

the cake, but too makes a crunchy layer on the surface, nearly like a cleaned cake. Kids cherish it, grown-ups adore it—this

simple buttery cake is difficult to defeat. Numerous much appreciated to longtime peruser, Karen Tannenbaum, for sharing the formula with me.


● 1 c delicate butter


● 2 c of sugar

● 4 eggs, room temperature

● 2 tsp of vanilla extract

● 3 mugs of all-purpose flour

● 1 tsp heating powder


● 1/2 t of heating soda

● 1/2 t salt

● 1 c butter

Kentucky Butter Cake

Butter sauce:

● 1 glass sugar

● 1/2 container butter cut into cubes


● 1/4 glass water

● 1-1/2 teaspoons almond extract

● 1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract


In bowl, beat the butter too sugar until light and soft. Include the eggs, one at a time, beat well after each expansion. Vanilla won. Combine flour, heating powder, heating pop, and salt; Include

to velvety blend substituting with buttermilk, beating well after each addition.


Pour into a buttered and floured 10-inch form. Heat at 350°, 55-70 min. Cooling for 10 min. Runing a cut around the edges and center tube of the shape. Rearrange cake onto rack on

waxed paper.

To planning sauce, combined sugar, butter, and water in a little pan. Cook over medium warm until butter dissolves and sugar breaks up. Expelling from fire.

Punch gaps in best of hot cake; Pour 1/4 c sauce on the cake. Take off it until the sauce is retained.

Enjoy !

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