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Pillsbury’s Bow Roll Taco Bake


Pillsbury’s Bow Roll Taco Bake


°2 developing tubes

°1 lb ground hamburger (or ground turkey)

°1 bundle taco seasoning

°1 1/2 glass ground cheddar cheese

°shredded lettuce


°1 or 2 diced tomatoes depend on size

°1/2 little can of cut olives on the off chance that desired

°Optional acrid cream

°sliced avocado optional


Roll out two tubes of croissant batter, thick sides inwards. Utilize a few of the remaining bow rolls to create the center a bit thicker.


Brown the meat and include the taco seasoning.

Spread the meat in a circle interior the orchestrated bow rolls

Add cheese on top

Pull the croissants and slide them beneath the meat and cheese.

Add cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, dark olives, acrid cream or anything you desire for your tacos, within the center.


Follow the preparing time on the parcel of croissants, and once it’s done, you’re great to go!

Enjoy !

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