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Salted Caramel Bites


Salted Caramel Bites




o 4 mugs shellfish crackers

o 3/4 glass butter

o 3/4 container brown sugar


o 2 teaspoons vanilla glue or extract

o 1 teaspoon legitimate salt

How To Form Salted Caramel Bites

Preheat broiler to 350 degrees.

Line a preparing sheet with material paper (or aluminum thwart) and delicately splash with non-stick cooking spray.

Spread your wafers in a indeed layer on the heating sheet.


In a expansive dish on medium warm, dissolve the butter. Include the brown sugar and vanilla.Blend until brown sugar is dissolved.

Turn up the warm until the blend starts bubble. Blend persistently for almost 3-4 minutes whereas the blend gets bubbly and lighter in color. It’ll scent delicious!

Turn off the warm and rapidly pour over the beat of the wafers.Blend tenderly with a elastic spatula until all of the wafers are totally coated.

Sprinkle the legitimate salt over the beat of the crackers.

Put in broiler 8-10 min observe for burning.


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