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Savory Steak Tenderization Method Recipe


Savory Steak Tenderization Method Recipe



This simple tenderizing process brings out the best in your favorite cuts of meat, making them juicier

and more flavorful. Every meal, from a juicy steak to a hearty stew with heartier cuts, takes on a whole

new level of flavor when prepared using this method.


Steaks, roasts, or leaner cuts of beef (flank, loin, etc.) are acceptable.


Seasoning Salt (ideally kosher or sea salt)

Add your favorite seasonings such as black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder or ezoacid if desired.

methods to perfectly prepare a fine steak…Methods to Cook a Thin Steak to Retain its Juicy Texture



An Amazing Resource for Tenderizing Ribeye Steaks (2021)

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Methods to Cook a Thin Steak to Retain its Juicy Texture to preserve (2021)

How to Follow

First things first: Make sure the meat is completely dry by blotting it with paper towels before



Once you have a clean cutting board or large plate, place the meat on it.

The Ezoic

Cover the meat with a good amount of salt, making sure both sides are covered. To season meat, use

about 1 teaspoon of salt per pound.

Simply add more herbs or spices to the meat if you want it to be tastier.To tenderize the meat, let it sit


at room temperature for 30 minutes to allow the salt to absorb into the meat.

The ezoic

To remove excess salt, massage the meat gently with paper towels after 30 minutes.

Continue cooking your preferred way, whether over low heat, in the pan or on the grill.

The meat is tender and tasty; Enjoy it!

Ezoic Note: If you are using salt to tenderize tougher slices of meat, you should leave them in the

refrigerator for a few hours or perhaps overnight.Rinse off the salt before cooking if you plan to leave

it on for a long time. Adjust spice amounts depending on your taste.

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