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Scotcheroos Recipe


Scotcheroos Recipe

Scotcheroos are a delightful and addictive dessert treat that combines the delightful flavors of chocolate, shelled nut butter, and butterscotch with a fresh rice cereal base. This dessert is prevalent

within the Joined together States, particularly at heat deals, parties, and potlucks. It started within the 1960s and has since ended up a classic liberality cherished by numerous. The combination of

sweet, wealthy, and crispy surfaces makes Scotcheroos a standout dessert that’s beyond any doubt to fulfill any sweet tooth.

Scotcheroos can be served at different events, such as birthdays, picnics, or occasion get-togethers.They are inconceivably flexible and combine well with numerous sides and backups. One well

known way to serve Scotcheroos is along side a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The differentiate of the cold and rich ice cream with the crunchy and gooey Scotcheroo makes a really delightful


sensation. Then again, you’ll be able too serve them with a dab of whipped cream and a sprinkle of chopped nuts for included surface and flavor. No matter how you select to serve them,

Scotcheroos are beyond any doubt to be a hit with


Scotcheroos Recipe:


– 1 glass light corn syrup


– 1 glass velvety shelled nut butter

– 6 glasses crisped rice cereal (Rice Krispies)

– 1 container butterscotch chips

– 1 container chocolate chips

– 1 container sugar



1. In a huge sauce dish, warm sugar, shelled nut butter, and corn syrup in a pot until bubbling, mixing constantly.

2. Put cereal in a huge bowl. Pour the bubbled blend over the cereal and blend well.

3. Press into a lubed 9×13 heating pan.

4. Soften chocolate and butterscotch chips in a little pot over moo warm, stirring.

5.Pour the softened blend over the cereal base within the preparing dish, employing a spatula to spread it evenly.


6. Permit the Scotcheroos to cool and set at room temperature (~30 mins) until the chocolate topping is firm.

Once set, cut into squares or bars and serve.

Whether you’re looking to fulfill your possess longing for for a sweet treat or require a dessert that will awe visitors, Scotcheroos are a surefire choice.The combination of the particular flavors and

surfaces makes them genuinely addictive. Serve these scrumptious treats nearby a scoop of ice cream, whipped cream, or essentially appreciate them on their possess. Get prepared for a crowd

pleasing dessert that will rapidly gotten to be a favorite among family and companions.

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