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Stovetop Meatloaf


Stovetop Meatloaf



or 1 package Stove Top Stuffing (use any of your favorite flavors, I prefer chicken, but herb savory works well too!)

or 1 cup hot water

or 2 packages brown gravy mix (one for inside). meatloaf and one for the top)

or 1.5 pounds ground beef


or 1 cup cold water

or 2 large eggs, beaten

To prepare Stovetop Meatloaf:


1. Place stuffing mixture and 1 cup hot water in a medium bowl.

2. Let the filling rest for 5 minutes.


3.Meanwhile, in another medium bowl, combine 1 package brown sauce with 1 cup cold water.

4. Add the ground beef and egg and mix well (it’s easier to do with your hands, it’s gross, I know).

5. After the stuffing has rested for 5 minutes, add the stuffing mixture to the ground beef mixture.6. Grease a pan

with nonstick spray, then press the ground beef mixture into the pan.

7. Bake at 350 degrees for 45-55 minutes or until the inside is no longer pink.


8.After baking, let it rest for about 5 minutes and then place the pan on a plate.

9. Serve with mashed potatoes and browned gravy in the center of the meatloaf.

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