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The No-Name Dip


The No-Name Dip

The No-Name Dip – Well, the other day I told you that I would give you the recipe for the dip I made for quiz

night. According to Nick, this decline “has no name.” That’s why I called it the “dip without a name.” Original, I

know. This sauce is super easy and cheap to make.Seriously, it only contains four ingredients. Four.



or 16 ounces sour cream (I know the one in the photo has two 8 ounces, but that’s because the store I went to


didn’t have the 16 ounce variety I like)

or real Pieces of bacon. Make sure they are real. I used fake one once and it was the WORST thing I’ve ever tried

in my life. º Grated Cheese. I prefer cheddar jack cheese, but I’m sure any type you want to add will work.o A pack

of dry food. They make them in different flavors but I would choose the original.

The No-Name Dip new york times recipes


How to prepare the nameless dip:


Simply mix everything together and viola, your dip is ready. It looks like vomit, but I promise you, it’s great. What

I do is add the sour cream and then mix in the ranch. After mixing, I add the bacon pieces and stir. And after I mix

it all up, I add all the cheese.

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