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The trick is to get rid of all the flies, mosquitoes and insects


The trick is to get rid of all the flies, mosquitoes and insects


The warmer months are the best time to control insects such as flies and mosquitoes that can be

pests throughout the year. Commercial traps and pesticides often contain harsh chemicals that pose

risks to children and animals as well as the environment.

Making your own traps at home from common materials is an option for those looking for an efficient


and environmentally friendly method. These DIY traps are easy to put together and made from

common household materials that are safe for kids and pets. In this article, you will learn how to make

a fly trap at home with three basic materials.

The trick is to get rid of all the flies, mosquitoes and insects



vinegar, measure 1 cup olive oil


, 1/4 cup

1/4 cup shampoo, fragrance of your choice

Eggshell or shallow dish

Step 1: Combine ingredients: Mix shampoo and vinegar into a small mixture. Before mixing the

vinegar and shampoo together, make sure they are mixed well.


Olive oil should be added. Slowly add the olive oil to the bowl. As the water rises to the surface, an oil

layer should form on it.

Place a trap: Place a trap in a place where you often see a lot of mosquitoes or flies. Any wet area,

such as around a window or door, can be considered in this context.


Vinegar attracts flies and mosquitoes due to its sweet and pleasant smell and serves as bait for them.


Apple cider vinegar is especially good because of its unique fermentation properties that these insects

find attractive.

Introduction: Insects that try to live on the surface of vinegar drown more easily due to the shampoo

it contains, which reduces the potency of the vinegar.

A smooth barrier is made over the olive oil mixture. If you trap flies or mosquitoes (especially by

cutting a hole in the plastic bag) the oil will suffocate them and make them less likely to fly away.


Use this trap anywhere around the house without worrying about hurting your kids or pets. However,

if you are worried about spills, place it out of reach.

Replace mixed flush when full or check every few days.


Environment: Warm, shady places where flies and mosquitoes fly are the most suitable environments

for setting traps.

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