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Wiener Cream Cheese Crescents


Wiener Cream Cheese Crescents


Crescent Rolls are not fair Occasion meals or uncommon times. Nowadays, we utilize bows for so numerous diverse suppers and nourishment things. These Wiener and Cream Cheese Bows are

the bomb! They are savory and delicious.

They make a idealize breakfast!Serve them up with a side of eggs and you’ve got a full dinner right there.


o 1 lb. Ground frankfurter, breakfast, Italian or other


o 1 C. Destroyed cheese of choice

o 8 oz. Cream cheese softened

o 2 Cans refrigerated crescent rolls

o Pepper to taste

How To Form Wiener Cream Cheese Crescents

1.Preheat the broiler to 375 degrees.


2. Roll the bow rolls out level, and cut each triangle in half lengthwise.

3. Cook the ground frankfurter until it is totally browned.

4. Include the cooled ground wiener to a blending bowl with the cream cheese and destroyed cheese of your choosing as well as pepper to taste. Mix to combine completely.

5. Spoon a little ball of the wiener blend into the beat of each piece of bow roll where it is fattest.

6. Beginning at the most extensive conclusion, roll the bow roll mixture over the wiener filling shaping a smaller than expected stuffed bow roll.


7. Prepare for 15 minutes until brilliant brown and cooked through.

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