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Blender Chocolate Cake, Soft and Delicious


Blender Chocolate Cake, Soft and Delicious


– Ingredients:

3 glasses (tea) wheat flour

1 container warm milk

4 tablespoons dissolved butter

3 units eggs


1 container of chocolate powder

2 mugs of sugar

1 tablespoon chemical preparing powder

300 ml entirety drain for topping

1 tablespoon cornstarch for topping


1 can condensed drain for topping

2 tablespoons butter for topping

half container of chocolate powder

– To the roof:

Brigadeiro sprinkles to taste for the topping!


– Strategy of preparation:

The most straightforward chocolate cake within the world,

just mix the fixings within the blender and

It’s prepared to heat! A velvety batter that

will make a cushy, tall and delightful cake.

Make a sprinkle in your domestic with this chocolate cake


Super down to earth and will if you don’t mind everybody.Wrapped up with a

even simpler brigadeiro topping, which can near our

recipe with a brilliant key. There won’t be a cut cleared out to tell

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