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Hawaiian Fashion Teriyaki Chicken


Hawaiian Fashion Teriyaki Chicken


Are you prepared to plunge into Hawaiian fashion chicken? This teriyaki chicken talks for itself. I’ve never tasted anything like it in my life! It’s madly tasty! Check it out.

This Hawaiian Flame broiled Teriyaki Chicken reminds me of the true teriyaki chicken that I ate all the time when I lived on the island. It is delicate, flavorful, and goes awesome with any

Hawaiian dish. Much like new pineapple, you nearly can’t have a luau or Hawaiian party without having teriyaki chicken or perhaps a small spam (embed crying-laughing emoji here since it is

clever but completely genuine.) This tasty Hawaiian chicken is sodden, delicious, and sets superbly with barbecued pineapple


spears or an true Hawaiian plate lunch.


o 3 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken thigh

o 1 container of soy sauce

o 1 glass of water

o 1 container of sugar.


o 5 cloves of pounded garlic

o 1 ginger root ( 2-3 cuts cut lean and lengthwise)

How To Create Hawaiian Fashion Teriyaki Chicken

In a expansive bowl, blend together the water and soy sauce and include within the sugar to be broken up. Include the required amount of ginger and garlic at that point include within the chicken.

You can soak the meat within the marinade for up to 3 days, in the event that you’re in a rush, you would like to soak it for at slightest 24 hours.

If you can’t hold up, bubble the chicken within the sauce right after you make it.


Grill the chicken like several other meat on hot warm and after that adhere it in a pot on the barbecue.Include a small new teriyaki sauce to the pot and it’ll steam the flame broiled chicken so that

the chicken is delicate and succulent.

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