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My Mom’s Fudge


My Mom’s Fudge

Fudge was continuously a treat when we were developing up. It was spared for around the Occasions as one of the numerous treats and treats that would be made. This formula for My Mother’s

Fudge turns out flawlessly each time I make it.


o ¾ C. Butter unsalted

o 2 ½ C.Granulated sugar

o ⅔ C. Dissipated milk


o 12 oz. Pack semi-sweet chocolate chips

o 7 oz. Marshmallow fluff

o 1 tsp. Vanilla extract

How To Form My Mom’s Fudge

1.Put the butter, sugar, and drain into a pot over tall warm on the stove, and bring to a bubble, whisking frequently to combine.

2. Once bubbling, decrease the warm to medium and bubble for five minutes.


3. Expel the blend from the warm and whisk within the chocolate chips until liquefied.

4. Whisk within the marshmallow lighten and vanilla extract.

5. Pour the blend into a 9×9 preparing dish that has been lined with aluminum thwart and showered with cooking spray.

6.Let sit for a few hours within the cooler some time recently cutting to serve.

7. Appreciate!


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