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Pudding 4 creamy milk


Pudding 4 creamy milk



Pudding is a classic dessert and cherished by numerous Brazilians. With its rich surface and

overwhelming flavor, it satisfies palates of all ages. Among the numerous varieties of this dessert, the

4 drain pudding stands out for its abundance of flavors and straightforwardness in planning. This


article will educate you how to plan this delicacy, recommend side dishes and appear you how you

can turn this formula into a source of additional pay. Let’s go!


1 can of condensed milk

1 can of cream

1 glass of coconut drain (200 ml)


2 mugs (tea) of entirety milk

4 eggs


1 glass (tea) sugar

1/2 glass (tea) of water


Method of preparation


Prepare the syrup: In a dish, include the sugar and put over medium warm. Let the sugar soften and

caramelize until it comes to a brilliant color.

Add the water: Carefully include the water and blend until all the liquefied sugar breaks up, shaping a


homogeneous syrup.

Line the form: Pour the syrup into the pudding form (around 22 cm in distance across), spreading it

well over the foot and sides. Reserve.

Pudding 4 creamy milk


Pudding 4 creamy milk new york times recipes



Mix the drain: In a blender, include the condensed drain, cream, coconut drain, entirety drain and

eggs. Beat well until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Pour into form: Pour the pudding blend into the caramelized mold.


Bake in a bain-marie: Cover the container with aluminum thwart and put in a preheated broiler at

180°C. Put the container in a bigger preparing dish filled with hot water (bain-marie) and heat for

roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes, or until the pudding is firm.

Cool and unmold: After heating, evacuate the pudding from the broiler and let it cool totally.

Refrigerate for at slightest 4 hours some time recently unmolding.

Tips for a idealize pudding

Room temperature eggs: Utilize room temperature eggs to anticipate the pudding from having an

eggy smell.

Well-blended blend: Mix the fixings well in a blender to guarantee that the blend is homogeneous

and free of lumps.

Water shower: Make beyond any doubt the water in the water shower is hot when you put the skillet

in the stove. This makes a difference the pudding cook equitably.

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