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Russian Tea Balls Recipe


Russian Tea Balls Recipe


Russian Tea Balls, too known as Russian Tea Cakes or Snowballs, are delightful bite-sized treats that are idealize for any event. These little, powdered sugar-coated treats are prevalent in

numerous Russian family units amid the occasion season, but they can be delighted in year-round. With a fragile buttery piece and a nutty flavor, these tea balls are beyond any doubt to awe

your family and friends.

To serve these delightful treats, you’ll show them on a happy platter or serve them nearby a warm glass of tea or coffee. The combination of the brittle surface with a hot refreshment makes a


comforting and fulfilling encounter.Moreover, Russian Tea Balls can be a dazzling expansion to a cookie plate or a dessert buffet. Their straightforwardness permits them to complement a wide

run of pastries, making them a flexible and well-loved treat.

Russian Tea Balls Recipe:


4 mugs all-purpose flour

4 mugs chopped walnuts

2 glasses relaxed butter


1 container granulated sugar

4 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 teaspoon salt


1. Preheat your stove to 325°F (160°C). Line a preparing sheet with material paper for simple clean-up.

2. In a expansive blending bowl, cream together the mellowed butter and sugar until well combined.


3. Include the vanilla extricate and salt, and blend until incorporated.

4.Steadily include the flour, one container at a time, and proceed blending until a batter forms.

5. Delicately crease within the chopped walnuts until equally disseminated within the dough.

6. Roll the batter into 1-inch balls and put them on preparing sheet.

7. Prepare within the preheated broiler for 20 minutes, or until the bottoms are gently golden.


8. Evacuate the treats from the stove and let them cool for some minutes on the heating sheet.

9.Whereas still warm, roll each cookie in powdered sugar until well coated.

10. Permit the Russian Tea Balls to cool totally on a wire rack.

11. Once cooled, roll them in powdered sugar once more for a blanketed wrap up.

Whether you select to appreciate Russian Tea Balls as a hand crafted treat or bring them to a gathering, their fragile and nutty flavor will without a doubt if you don’t mind everybody. Be beyond

any doubt to share the formula with others, as these delightful treats are a brilliant way to spread bliss and enjoy in a delightful Russian convention.

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