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Scaled down Cherry Cheese Danishes


Scaled down Cherry Cheese Danishes




o 1 bundle of bow rolls You’ll be able utilize cemented as well but make past any question they are defrosted a few time as of late utilize. The endorsed one is Pilsbury for the come full circle taste

o Flour 1 or 2 tbs for dusting



o Cream cheese 4 ounces

o ¾ holder powdered/granulated sugar

o ½ teaspoon of vanilla splash

o 1 can of cherry pie filling



o ⅓ granulated sugar to sprinkle on the Danishes

o 3 tbs milk

How To Make Scaled down Cherry Cheese Danishes

Now, it is time to induce prepared this sweet and candied dish. Take out the bow rolls and unroll them. With a cut carefully cut them from the center to make 15 slices.

Now, put them on the fabric paper.Make past any question that the paper is lubed a few time as of late counting the slices.

You can utilize any measuring glass or a small saucer to press the rolls for a level shape. Make past any question to make dividers in conjunction with your hands so the filling remains inside.


Now, sprinkle flour on the sheet and over the rolls so they don’t stick.

Now, take a blender and mix sensitive cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla sprinkle.

After arranging it carefully incorporate small entireties of the mix on each Danish. Make past any question to do it wonderfully as you’re doing not have to be overcompensate it.

Now open the can and incorporate 4 to 5 cherries concurring to your liking.

Put them inside the stove and get ready them for 15 to 20 minutes at 350 degree.


Now let it cool and get prepared for the coat.

You can mix powdered sugar and deplete inside the blender to create a thick mix for glazing.

Add it on the best of Danishes and your favorite, wonderful equation is ready

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