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The South’s Finest


My Southern companion swears by this dish and calls them “The South’s Finest”


3 tbsp dim corn syrup

1 tsp immaculate vanilla extract

1½ glasses stuffed light brown sugar

1 glass dissipated milk

1½ glasses pecan halves


1/8 tsp salt

1½ glasses sugar

2 tbsp butter


In a expansive pot, blend dull corn syrup, brown sugar, vanished drain, and salt.

Stir ceaselessly whereas bringing it to a bubble over medium-high heat.


Once bubbling, lower warm and cook until soft-ball organize (236-240°F/113-116°C).

Off warm, mix in sugar and butter until combined.
Cool for 6-9 minutes, at that point blend in pecans and vanilla.

Spoon out onto wax paper or a silicone tangle, dispersing them apart.

Let pralines cool and set for around 30 minutes.


Continuous blending is significant to anticipate burning.


Handle the hot blend with care.

Consider including cinnamon or nutmeg for a special flavor.

Enjoy making your exceptionally claim South’s Finest Pralines and share these delightful treats with cherished ones. Let each chomp transport you to the dynamic culinary scene of the South!

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