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Fried Shelled nut Butter & Jelly


Fried Shelled nut Butter & Jelly



Settled inside the warm, grasping conventions of Midwestern consolation nourishment, the Browned

Shelled nut Butter & Jam sandwich holds a extraordinary small corner. This formula is more than fair a

nostalgic trip back to childhood snacks; it’s a fresh, gooey charm that hoists a basic joy to something


exceptional. The roots of the customary PB&J are as humble as a wash room go-to for dedicated

people who required something speedy, nutritious, and fulfilling. Singing this classic sandwich coats

an conventional minute in a brilliant luster of liberality, making it a idealize treat for cozy nighttimes

or to share a piece of the past with your grandchildren.

A Browned Shelled nut Butter & Jam sandwich is wealthy and sweet, so it sets magnificently with


something light and new. Consider serving it with a side of fresh apple cuts or carrot sticks to include

a crunchy, sound differentiate. For an old-fashioned touch, a cold glass of drain or a hot container of

tea makes the idealize companion to this inspiring dish.

Fried Shelled nut Butter & Jelly

Servings: 1




2 cuts of your favorite bread (white or entirety wheat work beautifully)

2 tablespoons of rich shelled nut butter

2 tablespoons of grape or strawberry jelly

1 huge egg

1/4 container of milk


1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Butter for frying

Powdered sugar for cleaning (optional)



1. Spread the shelled nut butter on one cut of bread and the jam on the other. Press the cuts together

to shape a sandwich.

2. In a shallow dish, whisk together the egg, drain, and vanilla extract.

3. Soften a liberal sum of butter in a skillet over medium heat.

4. Plunge the sandwich rapidly into the egg blend, guaranteeing both sides are well-coated.


5. Put the sandwich in the hot skillet and sear until brilliant brown, around 2-3 minutes per side.

6. Evacuate from skillet, and if craved, tidy with powdered sugar some time recently serving.

Variations & Tips


You can customize your Fricasseed Shelled nut Butter & Jam sandwich in a few delightful ways. Swap

out the conventional grape jam for raspberry or blackberry for a tart turn. For an additional wanton

treat, include a sprinkle of cinnamon to the egg blend, or utilize almond butter instep of shelled nut

butter. For those who worship a small additional sweetness, a lean layer of Nutella or a sprinkle of

scaled down chocolate chips in the sandwich can make it a dessert to keep in mind.

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