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Hand crafted Fricasseed Mozzarella Sticks


Hand crafted Fricasseed Mozzarella Sticks


This Fricasseed Mozzarella Sticks Formula is filled with gooey cheese. The hand crafted mozzarella sticks have a flawlessly firm hitter that’s past delicious.


o 1 1/2cups Italian-style dried breadcrumbs

o 1 1/3cups crisply ground Parmesan, divided

o 1teaspoon salt


o 2 16-ounce bundles mozzarella cheese sticks

o 4 huge eggs, beaten to blend

o 1 1/2cups vegetable oil

Hand crafted Fricasseed Mozzarella Sticks

Hand crafted Fricasseed Mozzarella Sticks new york times recipes

How To Form Hand crafted Fricasseed Mozzarella Sticks

In a medium bowl, combine bread pieces, 1 container of Parmesan and salt.


Cut each mozzarella adhere in half.

Beat eggs in a shallow bowl and plunge the cheese sticks into the eggs to coat totally and permit the overabundance egg to dribble back into the bowl.Coat the cheese within the bread scrap blend,

tapping to follow and coat totally. Rehash dipping the cheese sticks within the egg and bread piece blend to coat a moment time. Put the cheese sticks on a heating sheet, cover and solidify until

solidified, around 2 hours.

Heat the oil in a huge singing container over medium warm. Working in clumps, sear the cheese until brilliant brown, approximately 1 miniature per side.Exchange the fricasseed cheese to plates.


Sprinkle with the remaining cheese and serve.

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