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Hands down, this is the only cake my hubby will eat for Easter


Hands down, this is the only cake my hubby will eat for Easter



Put this recipe on paper.

Poke Cakes have been delicious and popular since the 1970s. They are famous for the flavors that

penetrate the cake through holes in the top, making every bite moist and delicious. As we reach the


peak of spring, the Easter Poke Cake comes to life as a tribute to the magical occasion and season.

This dish is perfect for any Easter celebration due to its adaptability achieved by combining the

lightness of a boxed cake with the artisan touch of flavored gelatin.The result is a visually stunning

dessert with a flavor that everyone can customize to their liking.

A citrus salad or a mix of red fruits goes perfectly with this fluffy cake, perfect alone or with other


fresh fruits. If you want to amp up the flavor, serve with some vanilla ice cream or a tangy lemon curd.


Twelve to fifteen servings of Easter Poke Cake


One box of white cake mix plus the eggs, oil and water included in the box

– Gel food coloring in a rainbow of pastel shades, perfect for an Easter color scheme


– Two containers of pre-mixed vanilla pudding

Need for the pudding You four cups of milk.

– Thawed Cool Whip, one container

Optional garnish: Easter sprinkles

How to Follow

1. Prepare the white cake mix as directed on the package. Divide the mixture into bowls and add one


color of gel food coloring to each before baking. For a marbled look, add food coloring to each plate

until you get the pastel tones you want for Easter. Then carefully stir the mixtures into the cake

tin.Follow package instructions to bake the cake. After baking, wait a few minutes for the cake to cool.

Then use a wooden spoon or something similar to poke holes in the cake every centimeter or so.

3. Pour the milk and vanilla instant pudding mixture into a separate bowl and stir until the mixture is

smooth and slightly thick. Pour the pudding over the cake, making sure to cover all the holes before it

hardens completely.Remove any lumps with a spatula.

4. Let the cake rest in the fridge for at least two hours so that the flavors combine.

5. Once cooled, freeze the cake by spreading Cool Whip on top.Sprinkle with festive decorations as



Place the cake in the fridge until ready to serve. 6. Enjoy this delicious Easter treat while delighting

your senses.


Suggestions and Variations: For a new version, try mixing the pudding with flavors such as pistachio or

lemon.- A For an unexpectedly fruity flavor, top Cool Whip with crushed pineapple or tangerines.

Limit mixing of colors when shaking the cake batter to avoid a cloudy look, and aim for soft pastels.

– A Cool Whip replacement for homemade whipped cream as a less sugary alternative.

– A To save time and get the most out of the flavor, you can make this cake the day before. Before

serving, top with Cool Whip and decorate as desired.

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