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Old-school spaghetti


Old-school spaghetti




I weigh my words! Each family has their possess formula for spaghetti sauce, which they keep in the

strictest certainty. I took it from my mother, and she took it herself from her sister-in-law who


unquestionably took it some place else… Since we alter it up a bit with each era, it gets superior with

time! And I can say this is the best sauce I’ve tasted, period. Don’t exclude any fixing, it’s this

combination that makes it taste so good.

But be cautioned! This sauce is special! It has a great hot taste and a bit of sweetness. You have to

know how to appreciate these two characteristics to adore him…


* Ingredients :


° 1/4 container vegetabl

e oil (or olive oil)

° 2 huge onions chopped

° 1 huge green chime pepper, chopped


° 4 celery stalks chopped

° 4 medium measured cases, chopped

° 3 chop garlic clove

° 1 can mushrooms, slice

° 2 pounds medium fat ground hamburger (You can substitute it with ground tofu, or make half. It’s


fair as good)

° little can of tomato glue (156 ml)

° 2 cans tomatoes (796 ml each), stewed, chopped or entire, to taste

° 1 can (284 ml) tomato soup (such as Elmer or Campbell’s)

° 1 expansive can of tomato juice (1.5 liters)

° 1/2 teaspoon each of the taking after flavors: rosemary, marjoram, thyme, thyme, nutmeg, ground

cinnamon, ground cloves, salt, °


° 4 narrows leaves


° 1/2 container firmly stuffed brown sugar (the mystery touch!!!)

Old-school spaghetti


Old-school spaghetti new york times recipes

* Preparation:


Heat the oil over a medium warm in a huge, profound pot. Include chopped vegetables and cook,

mixing, for 10 minutes. Include the minced meat and proceed to cook until the meat is brown.

Then include the tomatoes (glue, tomato, soup and juice) one fixing at a time, blending after each


Add the flavors one at a time, mixing each time, as well as the cove clears out. At that point include

brown sugar. Blend well.

Boil the sauce. At that point diminish the warm to medium and stew, revealed, for 4 hours, blending

sometimes. The surface of the sauce ought to make a small sauce. The sauce is prepared when it

thickens well (depending on the sort of tomato and the warm of the fire, the cooking time may

change. Cook to the wanted consistency).

Remove the cove clears out. Put in sterilized jugs whereas the sauce is still hot. When cool, fix tops

and solidify jugs. To devour, take a day in development and put in the fridge. It will soften gradually

and hold all its surface and flavour.

Enjoy !

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