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Rice ball with cheese and pepperoni


Rice ball with cheese and pepperoni




2 mugs of rice (cooked)

4 eggs

Salt and dark pepper to taste


parsley to taste

150 grams of ground mozzarella

1 cut of ground calabrese

3 loading tablespoons entire wheat flour

1/2 tablespoon preparing powder


breadcrumbs for breading

Rice ball with cheese and pepperoni


Rice ball with cheese and pepperoni new york times recipes



In a bowl, put the cooked rice, salt and dark pepper to taste, 2 eggs and chopped parsley. Blend for


one minute.

Add the ground mozzarella, the ground pepperoni, the wheat flour and in conclusion the yeast.

This time, blend with your hands until you shape a firmer dough.

Take a tablespoon of the batter and make little balls.

* If you need, open the mixture in your hands and include mozzarella 3d shapes as stuffing.


Or fair make little balls of this mixture, roll them in the flour, at that point in the beaten eggs and at

long last in the breadcrumbs.

Fry in hot oil until brilliant brown and deplete on paper towels.

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