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Super macio bolinho with sequinho de chuva


Super macio bolinho with sequinho de chuva


Get ready to fly in an atmosphere full of aromas and flavors that will bring back memories. Today’s

recipe takes us on a behind-the-scenes journey into a comforting classic: super macio bread.

This is much more than a recipe; is an invitation to discover the magic of cooking by transforming

ordinary ingredients into timeless guarillas. 97


This seemingly normal combination will turn into a breathable and breathable mass ready to be the

star of the lunch launch.

From the first step, we will participate in the preparation of the dough as required by the ceremony.

Pay attention to the combination of eggs and sugar before balancing taste and texture.

Carefully add the room temperature milk, and then gradually add the wheat flour; Patience is very


important to achieve the desired consistency. Elevated to glorious simplicity, this baking soda soup is

the god of mixing.

The dance of frying: When we come to the fryer, we examine how the potatoes dance in the hot oil.

Bits of flour dust, both spoonfuls, turn to gold and irreducible waste when exposed to the heat of oil,

turning them into creative tools.


The mirror can be seen, many balls are determined to spin, some require a good reaction to spincorrectly.

Finishing Touch – Sugar and Cinnamon (optional): We offer a final touch: mixing sugar and cinnamon

for those who want to enhance the experience.

You have the option of wrapping the bread in this unsalted mixture after it comes out of the oil, which

gives it an extra flavor.


Before the meal is eaten, the main part of the gastronomic journey takes place in the final taste phase.

The simple burst of texture and flavor that only the perfect combination of ingredients can deliver on

any still warm cake.

Food is more than just filling our stomachs; It is a pleasure ritual that takes us to a place of joy and



First Ingredients:


Two eggs

1/2 cup of sugar (with 240 milliliters of sugar)


1 cup of milk at room temperature

2.5 tablespoons of rice flour

1 cup of soup sifted into chemical foam powder


Preparation of the Dish:


Eggs and We prepare the sugar in a bowl.

After adding room temperature milk, mix well.

Finally, add the flour and stir constantly with the rice.

Pour the yeast into the water until the desired consistency is reached.

Bolinhos frito: Heat the oil until it reaches the correct temperature.

Carefully place small portions of the dough into the hot oil using two spoons of the same size.

Check the dough one by one by watching the balls roll, but don’t be discouraged.

4. Final fryer product:

Remove the balls from the oil and place them on baking paper to remove excess oil.

5. Recommendation: Toque Especial de Açúcar na Canela

Combine one glass of sugar with one glass of cane juice.

Catch every ball in the mix to score extra hits.

Final words

We hope that when you complete this wonderful cooking journey, you have not only learned how to

make the most delicious bolinhos de chuva, but also experienced the magic that the kitchen can


The gastronomy process turns into an opportunity to experience special moments at every stage,

reduce contact with traditions and discover the art of cooking.

If this article inspired your culinary creativity, share your experiences with us in a comment like this

one and follow us for future recipes.

Each bread becomes a beautiful piece of baking history, full of flavor and emotion. Until next trip!

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