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Nothing beats my nana’s Ambrosia Salad Nana make it the best


Nothing beats my nana’s Ambrosia Salad Nana make it the best


Traditional Nothing beats my grandmother’s Ambrosia Salad. Nana’s classic American dessert,

ambrosia salad, has been served for generations, often at holidays or family gatherings. The word

“ambrosia”, which means “food of the gods” in Greek mythology, indicates that this dish is a delicious

dish worthy of heavenly beings. Ambrosia salad is said to have southern origins and became popular


in America in the late 19th century, although its origin is unclear. This butter and fruit mixture often

includes almonds, coconut, and a variety of dried or fresh fruits, all served with banana-flavored

yogurt, cream, or whipped cream.

This salad is delicious as a light dessert or as a delicious side dish with a variety of main dishes,

especially on barbecues or potlucks. It makes a nice contrast to a hearty meal like creamy casserole or


roast beef. Some people like to eat this as part of the festival, it goes very well with food and egg

dishes. The modern, healthy version of ambrosia salad is sometimes served with a mixed green salad.

This dish can also be served in a personalized glass to make it stand out during a party or gathering.

Ambrosia Salad Ingredients:


• 1 cup crushed pineapple


• 1 cup crushed tangerine oil

• 1 cup cherry liqueur, cut in half

• 1 cup grated coconut and sugar

• 1 cup marshmallows

• 1 cup/ 2


Ambrosia Salad Directions:


1. Place maraschino cherries, tangerines, and pineapple chunks in a large mixing bowl. Mix the seeds


2. Fill the bowl with some mud and grated coconut. Ubu ni igihe cyo guhunika imbuto, niba uhisemo


3. Ukurikije ibyo ukunda, koresha ikibiriti cyangwa cream hejuru yacyo. Koresha imvange kugeza

ibiyigize byose hamwe hamwe namavuta yatwikiriye imbuto neza.

4. Before serving, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate the salad for at least an hour.

During this cold season food is collected and swamps are easy.


5. Mix ambrosia salad well before serving.



• The current ambrosia salad packaging is a bit retro.

• I have fond memories of my grandmother cooking ambrosia in every temple.

• Ambrosia comes in many different forms, and every grandmother seems to have her own recipe.

This recipe is made with cottage cheese, cream or vanilla; Some variations even exclude almonds.



g sugar, 599 IU vitamin A, 16 mg vitamin C, 90 mg calcium and 1 mg iron.

US Customy is the measurement system My Baking Addiction uses uniquely. Replacement parts are

provided as an estimate but may vary.

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