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Pecan Pie Cobbler


Pecan Pie Cobbler

If you’ve attempted my Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler, you’ve got a hint of this recipe’s prepare. To create this astounding pecan pie cobbler, you layer the ingredients—melted butter, simple hitter,

brown sugar hurled pecans—in a heating dish one on best of the other without mixing, which feels totally over the top until what happens following makes it appear totally reasonable.


o 1 box refrigerated pie outside relaxed to room temperature

o 21/2 mugs light corn syrup

o 2 1/2 mugs pressed brown sugar


o 1/2 glass butter melted

o 41/2 teaspoons vanilla

o 6 eggs somewhat beaten

o 2 mugs coarsely chopped pecans

o Butter-flavor cooking spray


o 2 mugs pecan halves

o Vanilla ice cream optional

How To Form Pecan Pie Cobbler

1. Warm broiler to 425 degrees F.

2.Oil 13×9, glass preparing dish with shortening or cooking spray.

3. Evacuate 1 pie outside from pocket; unroll on work surface. Roll into 13×9″ rectangle. Put hull in dish; trim edges to fit.


4. In expansive bowl, mix corn syrup, brown sugar, butter, vanilla and eggs with wire whisk. Blend in chopped pecans. Spoon half of filling into crust-lined dish.

5.Expel moment pie hull from pocket; unroll on work surface. Roll into 13×9″ rectangle. Put outside over filling; trim edges to fit. Shower hull with butter-flavor cooking spray.

6.Prepare 14 to 16 mins or until browned. Diminish stove temp. to 350.

7. Carefully spoon remaining filling over prepared cake; organize pecan parts on best in enriching design.

8. Prepare 30 mins longer or until set. Cool 20 mins on cooling rack.


9. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.on the off chance that craved.

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