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Unstuffed Pepper Bowls


Unstuffed Pepper Bowls



• 2 chime peppers (ruddy, green, yellow)

• 1 little sweet yellow onion

• 2 tbsp bacon oil or oil

• 1 lb Browsey Sections of land American wagyu ground beef


• 1.5 tbsp chili powder

• 1 .5 tsp dark pepper

• 1 tsp smoke paprika

• 1 tsp mexican oregano

• 2 tsp cumin


• minced garlic

• 15 oz pulverized tomatoes

• 2.5 glasses hamburger broth

• 1.5 mugs long grain white rice rinsed

• 6 oz destroyed cheese quesadilla or Monterey jack


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Unstuffed Pepper Bowls


Unstuffed Pepper Bowls new york times recipes

Unstuffed Pepper Bowls


1. Put peppers/onions in a huge dish and cook down on med warm in bacon oil for approximately 5-6



2. Add and cook ground hamburger, I like to get a small color on ground meat some time recently


3. Once ground hamburger is cooked through, include seasonings and garlic.(Feel free to expel a

small oil with a paper towel if craved some time recently including seasonings.)

4. Pour in pulverized Tomatos.

5. Add meat broth and bring to simmer.

6. Turn warm down to moo medium and work in rice after flushing until water is clear.

7. Cover and permit rice to stew approx 20 min until rice has ingested fluid and is soft. May take a

couple min longer, fair be patient.


8. Turn warm to moo, include destroyed cheese and cover until cheese is softened. Appreciate!

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