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Vanilla Custard Bars


Vanilla Custard Bars




1 (16 oz.) bundle store-bought puff cake, 2 sheets, thawed

1 1/2 glasses entirety milk

1 1/2 mugs overwhelming cream


1/2 container water

2/3 container caster sugar, or superfine sugar

1/3 container all-purpose flour

1/4 container (1/2 adhere) unsalted butter, cubed

6 egg yolks, beaten


2 teaspoons vanilla extract

powdered sugar, as needed


-Preheat broiler to 350º and line two heating sheets with material paper, and line a 9×13-inch heating dish with material paper, clearing out a 2-inch overhang on both sides.

-Unroll puff cake sheets and put onto lined heating sheets, employing a fork to tenderly prick all over the batter, without penetrating the bottom.

-Optional: best each sheet of puff cake with material paper, at that point beat with another heating sheet, acting as a weight, so puff cake won’t inflate.


-Place heating sheets in broiler and prepare for 20-22 minutes, or until brilliant brown.Evacuate from broiler and let cool completely.

-Optional: utilize a serrated cut to trim edges off puff cake so that it fits into 9×13-inch preparing dish. Put one sheet of puff pastry

-In a medium pot, whisk together drain, cream, butter, vanilla and sugar over medium warm, and cook until small bubbles show up around the edge of the skillet, some time recently it comes to a


-Whisk together flour and water to form a slurry, at that point whisk into hot drain blend and evacuate skillet from heat.


-Whisk a small of hot drain blend into beaten egg yolks to mood the yolks, at that point, whereas pot is still off the warm, whisk yolks into blend until combined.

-Return pot to the warm and bring to a bubble. Whereas whisking persistently, cook for 30-60 seconds, or until custard thickens.

-Pour thickened custard over puff baked good in 9×13-inch heating dish, at that point best with moment sheet of puff cake. (Trim edges to fit dish.) Delicately press down so cake follows.

-Refrigerate preparing dish until custard is set. 3-4 hours.

-When prepared to serve, clean with powdered sugar, cut and serve.

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