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White Almond Wedding


White Almond Wedding




°1 (18.25 ounce) bundle white cake mix

°1 container all-purpose flour

°1 glass white sugar


°3/4 teaspoon salt

°1 1/3 mugs of water

°1 glass acrid cream

°2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

°1 teaspoon of almond extract


°1 teaspoon vanilla

°4 egg whites


Preheat stove 325°F (165°C). Oil an 11″ x 13″ cake tin with flour.

Stir the white cake blend, flour, sugar, and salt together in a expansive bowl until well combined. Pour in water, acrid cream, vegetable oil, almond & vanilla extricates, too egg whites, and beat

with an electric blender over moo warm until all fixings are mixed and dampened, but a few knots stay, around 4 minutes.

Pour the blend into the arranged cake skillet, and prepare within the preheated stove until light brilliant brown , around 25 minutes.


Leave to cool some time recently decorating.

Enjoy !

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